Proline Data Center Solutions

Proline Optics are solutions specialist and Data Center experts and can provide knowledge and support for all challenges and budgets.

As demand for cloud access steadily increases, requirements for more processing, storage and transport bandwidth create continued challenges for Data Centres.

Our technical experts have extensive data center experience and provide the support needed to meet growing demands and reduced budgets.

As well as our high speed 100G solutions with lower power consumption and longer reach options, we have a huge amount of direct attach and active optical cables for the many short reach interconnects in your racking.

Proline offer a wide range of networking solutions for data center demands. From maximising existing fibre infrastructure with WDM technologies to providing solutions for 100G and beyond, Proline is your one source for connectivity solutions providing proven compatibility with all network elements.

Solutions - Blogs & Case Studies

A Missing Link

The new QSFP28 ESR4 transceiver form factor is the missing link for upgrading 40G multi-mode fiber links that span up to 300 meters

Managing Top of Rack Interoperability

How to manage TOR challenges with Hybrid DAC’s and breakout cables


A Smart Choice to Reduce 100G Upgrade Costs

Managing The Thirst for Power

An insight into the ever increasing demand and cost of power consumption

Maximizing Existing Infrastructure with xWDM

Is your data center infrastructure prepared for the demands of the future? If not, Wavelength Division Multiplexing (xWDM) transceivers and multiplexers/demultiplexers are the answer.

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